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Golden triangle tour by car

ICT offers best and premium packages to the ones planning to take the golden triangle tour by car.  The New Delhi-Agra- Jaipur route is famously known as the golden triangle circuit.

The circuit is famed and full of Indian historical marvels that contain within themselves the true spirit of Incredible India. All three cities are located at an equal distance from one another; approx 250 km.

One side you have Delhi, the capital of India since 1911, witness to Mughal and European history and architecture alike. While on the other you have Agra, reminiscing about its glorious past. Home to the world famous Taj Mahal. And then there is hospitality of Jaipur; the pink city. Known as the land of kings and warriors in past.

The beauty, wonders, and legacy of these cities are enough to unravel your “city life” twisted mind. The triangle reveals its secrets inch-by-inch as no two pieces of land are similar to the last one in this circuit. While the Indo-Mughal marvels of Delhi and Agra will overwhelm your senses, the classic Rajputana monuments of Jaipur would occur to you no short historic marvels. Historical Forts, gates, and palaces become a common affair for people visiting these cities of historical and political importance.