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    I remember it's been 7 years that I've been working in India now during this time, whenever I travel, I always take the service from India car tours. They are always on time, very reliable and all the riders always take special care that I feel comfortable and safe. The cars are in good condition and work really efficiently, hygienic which I love and really good music all the time!

    Visited February 2016

    Florence Frenay Jaipur, India
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    Amazing India, wonderful experience
    About 6 years ago my family and I had the chance to meet Suresh as he was the driver during our India vacation.
    He was and of course he is still a brilliant driver and a very good guy, highly recommended.
    We spent together so many wonderful moments and memories that will always stay in our hearts.
    Our little son (he was 3 at that time) immediately started a strong connection with Suresh even if he obviously didn’t speak English at all.
    I should have kept a picture of them walking around Khajuraho temples holding each other hands: they were so cute !!!
    Visited August 2015

    Alessandro Montelabbate, Italy
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    Our first visit to India to Rajasthan was above all expectations. When we arrived at airport in Delhi our agent and driver Suresh Sharma waited for us. During one week he drove us to the most fantastic places in Rajasthan. During the drive he explained us a lot about the history, the culture and the places we were planning to visit. Often he also showed us the less touristic places. Whenever we wanted to stop, Suresh advised us about the best place to stop.In the evening when we wanted to go to specific market or shopping center or to a nice restaurant, Suresh had always very good tips and he waited till we were ready to leave.

    In a country like India, with a completely different culture, it is of big value to have a personal taxi driver to bring you wherever you want to go. During our trip we have seen many nice places in Raja sthan, especially Jaipur we did like very much.
    During the 7 days trip we build a nice friendship with Suresh, but he always remained polite and treated us as special guests. Very special for us was the evening he invited us to his house where we met his wife.

    We really want to recommend Suresh Sharma to you. If you want to travel in India with personal driver. This is an ideal way of traveling for couples our families. But also for business trips we are sure Suresh will be able to propose a nice program.
    Visited February 2016

    Rudi Aachen, Germany
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    My name is Andrea and I and my wife Cynthia had the good fortune to travel to India twice , through Rajastan , with Suresh . The first time alone and the second with a group of six people .

    Suresh is a competent person and a deep knowledge of Rajasthan and adjacent areas . He's a cautious driver and a good organizer of the tour to be programmed . He does not leave anything to chance and satisfies the demands that are made ​​for small deviations from the prescribed route . Besides being a professional you do to love and the relationship that is created goes beyond the customer relationship / tour operators.

    I can only recommend it highly to travel with Suresh and his organization situated across India ; I am sure will remain ' an indelible human memory.

    Andrea Belluti Italy
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    This is the 3rd time I’ve used India Car N Tours and telling you the truth their services are always realiable and it only takes few minutes to plan and finalize your entire trip using their extremely fast website and up to date listings. I’m super excited about my next trip to India.

    Jessica Brown Manhattan, America