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Jaipur to pushkar taxi fare

With ICT taxi Services, the two and a half hour long Jaipur to Pushkar taxi fare won’t take a toll on your pocket. Located about 145 km from Jaipur, Pushkar is known as Rajasthan's “Suburb of Gods”. Famous for its world’s “only” Brahma Temple, Pushkar is revered as a holy city by both Hindus and Sikhs alike.  The beautiful and serene 52 ghats long Pushkar Lake will quench and re-ignite your thirst for tourism at the same time.

Pushkar’s annual (camel) fair, held around October or November, attracts people from all over the world and is hailed more of a confluence of traditional Rajasthani Art forms than an animal fair. Unlike many cities that only have some favorable seasons for visit, Pushkar is a year-around tourist hot spot. Offering magnificent and breathtaking views, Pushkar proves to be the city for nature and history lovers alike. With venues like Rangji Temple, Man Mahal, Gurudwara Singh Sabha, the city proves to the epitome of culture, religion, and historical tourism.

ICT offers convenient, safe, and fast taxi services from Jaipur to Pushkar at affordable prices.